5024 Blanding Blvd Jacksonville, Fl 32210


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Carly Y.
Oviedo, FL
The only pho place I've eaten at in Jacksonville, but I have to say it's pretty good. My husband gets spring rolls and he says they're always good. I usually get the fried spring rolls and they're awesome. He gets largest bowl of Pho 99 special and really enjoys it, even in comparison to places we eat at in Orlando. I get the smallest bowl of Pho Tai and really enjoy it. The last time we went the flavor was great! I just prefer the broth a little saltier.
The atmosphere is nice. Usually we see a lot of Asian families and it's never really too loud. It's well lit with a very open floor plan. The service is pretty consistent, the waiters are attentive.
I give it a 4 because I've had better pho. But for the area this place is great! We will continue to come here when we visit the area.
Susan P.
Jacksonville, FL
This restaurant has been through a few permutations. Most recent one is pretty good. I think I have posted pictures from here previously but I never got to review it

It seems like the people that work in here our family and they are all quite nice. There will usually be a few family members sitting at one of the tables in the corner eating or chatting which I actually think is nice.

I have been bringing my kids to Vietnamese restaurants since they were little for what I call the swimming pools of soup. Everything I have had here has been extremely fresh.

I am a big fan of their summer rolls and I'm also a fan of the spring rolls, just the perfect crunch on the outside with the soft tasty inside.

I haven't had anything bad here ever everything is good. Four stars instead of five only because the ambience in this place is spotty and that is because they crank the lights up to essentially what amounts to an interrogation level. Listen Foulkes, people eat more and drink more when the lights are lower that's just a psychological fact. It makes people feel more comfortable as well so you should try it.

Other than that I have no complaints with this place whatsoever and I probably go there several times a month.
Tiffany N.
Arvada, CO
I moved here from Colorado, and had been spoiled with all the diversity and great authentic Vietnamese restaurants in Denver Co. Since moving to Jacksonville Florida, my husband and I could not find an authentic Vietnamese Restaurant Pho place that serves fresh, authentic Vietnamese food. When it comes to food we are pretty picky...tried many different places in Jacksonville and we finally found Pho 99, yayyyy, their food is up to par, tried many different dishes and are very satisfy with all of them. If anyone want to bring family members, friends or relatives to a fresh, delicious, authentic Vietnamese food, definitely recommend Pho 99 :)
Shelix A.
Spring, TX
Pho 99 has new ownership, and it's a welcome change. Regrettably, they have no Bahn Mi sandwiches (apparently there are no bakers outside or Orlando that make the French Bread for it), but the rest of the food makes up for it.

Chicken pho; minced pork spring rolls are delicious, my wife loves the Vietnamese Egg Rolls - absolutely delicious. So delicious that I went back four days in a row for dinner - I can't get enough.

Jacksonville hasn't had decent Pho in a long time, and the previous owners were abysmal. Give it a shot, you won't regret it.
James D.
Jacksonville, FL
I love pho. But 99 is on point though! My biggest complaint about pho is bland broth and excessive noodle portions. I'll say pho 99 hits it spot on. The broth is good and doesn't need sriracha to heat it up. The meat portion was good as well. Overall it was a well balanced bowl of pho. My go to on the west side.
Tyler S.
Orange Park, FL
I absolutely love it here. The location itself isn't that great but definitely worth the stop. This place has the best Pho I've eaten. The staff are so friendly and they are usually always open! Really affordable especially for the quality! I highly recommend this place even if you're new to Vietnamese food!
Kerry C.
Jacksonville, FL
My husband surprised me with a trip here for dinner. Neither one of us had tried Vietnamese cuisine before and we were pleasantly surprised.

The restaurant is clean and spacious, plenty of room for groups. Large screen tv on the wall showing Asian pop videos was fun to watch. Despite that, the decor was understated but elegant.

From the appetizer (egg roll), to the soups and the banh mi, we were thrilled. Some of the soups came in small and medium - we tried small and it was more than enough. Made me wonder if medium might serve two people?

The food was familiar, but different enough for surprises. Everything was fresh - the vegetables were crisp, the food served piping hot, and promptly. The waiter sensed that we were "new" and was pleasant and explained the seasonings on the table and gave suggestions on how much to use and in what.

Anyways, the prices were great and we are looking forward to coming back with our daughter.
Leah A.
Jacksonville, FL
I was craving Taro Boba tea and checked Yelp to see where I could get one close to my house. Pho 99 popped up so I drove here to satisfy my craving. Originally, I just came here for the boba, but then decided to try their food, too. What a fantastic idea, right? Well, my taro boba ($3.50) came first and it was cold, sweet, silky and refreshing. The tapioca balls to tea ratio was on point and they were perfectly cooked. Not too soft, not too hard with the exact "chewiness" boba balls should have. YUM! Then came the pièce de résistance...

Whenever I do Vietnamese, my go to meal is the grilled pork over vermicelli with the fried eggrolls and veggies. It's the B1 dish on their menu here, FYI. I ordered and within 10 minutes, I had a large plate of food that was absolutely mouth watering! The pork was perfectly marinated and grilled with just enough char, but still tender and moist. The vermicelli was perfectly cooked hiding under a plethora of fresh bean sprouts and other veggies. And the sweet fish sauce they serve to pour over the entire dish was a wonderful balance of sweet and savory.

Overall, I think I found yet another amazing Vietnamese restaurant that serves authentic Vietnamese dishes with fantastic bobas, too! The service is fast and friendly & the restaurant is spacious and clean. No doubt - I will be back....
Lincoln M.
Orange Park, FL
This is a hidden gem. Better then their more known competition. Food was OUTSTANDING. A little warm in building though
Joey D.
Miami, FL
This was such a great find! The food is delicious. I had the lemongrass chicken and the flavors were perfect. I was so happy that they had bubble tea. This place is definitely worth the druve. I will come back again next time I am in Jacksonsville
Kutora O.
Jacksonville, FL
This place is under new management... The food is so delicious and fresh! My husband got the oriental beef and broccoli and I got the grilled Pork with vermicelli rice noodles can you say yummy!!!
Community C.
Jacksonville, FL
So yummy! Always get great service and delicious pho that makes us sweat! LOL
Steven J.
Jacksonville, FL
Surprisingly great food and service, very quiet -perfect for a business meal. I've eaten here twice in the last month, and been impressed each time. Try the smoothies - incredible. Everything is foreign to me, but it's all delicious.